Bernard Cassiere Eco-refill

Bernard Cassiere Eco-refill

Bernard Cassiere Skincare is always improving and updating their formulas, ingredients and packaging! Their research and development facilities and labs are constantly looking for ways to reach 100% of natural ingredients. At B.C Paris, harmful substances like plastic balls, palm oil, etc. are avoided for the environment.

With Bernard Cassieres eco-refill creams, save more than 20% on each refill. Save the planet and your wallet!

What are the advantages of these eco-refills ?

1 - They are more ecological: this allows us to reduce our consumption of plastics, and to be part of the circular economy.

2 - They are eco-designed: all the components can be recycled separately. :)

3 - They are economical: more than just saving the planet, you also save money since the eco-refill is atleast 20% less expensive on average than the traditional format.

4 - They are easy to use !


But that's not all...
A concrete impact on the reduction of plastic waste is one of the main concerns at BC. They pay great attention to the formulas, but also to the way they design their packaging. This is the reason why, in addition to the generalization of the eco-refill system to all of their jars, they also decided to change their spatulas to new ones made with 99% of recycled plastic. 

Moreover, for the first time, the Bamboo launching allows them to introduce tubes made with 50% of recycled plastic in their skirt. This approach is going to be generalized to all the new products from now on. 


Which products contain eco-refills? 

  • High Hydration Cream
  • High Hydration Sorbet 
  • High Hydration Aquasleeping 
  • Muesli Nutri-sensitive Intense Cold Cream
  • Spirulina Comfort Cream
  • Spirulina Ultra Comfort Cream 
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