Coming soon!.. Bernard Cassiere Herbal Purity Line

Coming soon!.. Bernard Cassiere Herbal Purity Line

Our aromatic bouquet is made of a complex of organic plant hydrolat composed of peppermint, sage, and rosemary.


What is a hydrolat ?

A hydrolat is the aromatic water obtained from the steam distillation of a plant. This water contains a low concentration of aromatic molecules and is well tolerated by everyone, and does not have contraindications in cosmetics. 


- Organic peppermint hydrolat: peppermint is rich in antioxydant and minerals. The peppermint's hydrolat is well known for its astringent, tonifying and purifying effects. It is the perfect ingredient to balance combination to oily skins.

- Organic sage hydrolat: it is the perfect match for combination to oily skins because it helps to remove the sebum excess. It is well known as fighting against skin imperfections linked to female cycle and menopause.

- Organic rosemary hydrolat: the antioxidant and purifying properties of the rosemary are well known for centuries. Perfect for combination, oily or blemish-prone skins, this organic rosemary hydrolat will tonify the skin and tighten the pores.


  • To purify
  • To mattify
  • To remove imperfections
  • To balance the skin
  • The skin is visibly clearer and softer

... Coming soon!

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